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What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is when your ability to hear is reduced. A hearing loss makes it more difficult for you to hear speech and other sounds.

The most common causes of hearing loss is ageing. In most cases hearing loss cannot be cured. Hearing loss is typically treated with hearing aids.

Loss of hearing is a natural consequence of ageing gracefully. Your hearing ability gradually starts to decline in your 30s and 40s and onwards and when you reach your 80s, more than half of us suffer from significant hearing loss.

Another common reason of hearing loss is exposure to loud noise. It can also be a consequence of living in a noisy world. This noise can come from a constant loud work environment with no ear protection or from voluntary exposure to noise, such as noisy motors or loud music at rock concerts, night clubs, discos and from stereos.

You may be able to see the signs but because hearing loss is often a gradual process, those who are experiencing it may not always realise there is anything unusual and that they could benefit from specialist help and a free online hearing test.

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